How to Download TeamSpeak | Step by Step

To download TeamSpeak, first you need to know about your Operating System Specification (Like Windows, Mac , Linux, Android ,32 bit, 64 bit etc). After confirming it, just follow these simple steps given below. 


  • Open your Browser and type in your address bar. Press "Enter" Button.

  • Now go to "DOWNLOADS" tab and click submenu named "TEAMSPEAK 3 CLIENT".


  • New window will open which will show several options. Click "DOWNLOAD" according to your operating system 32 or 64 bit. (Make sure you choose option according to your operating system (PC) requirements. (In example i selected 64-bit)


  • After downloading  will finish, you just have to install it like you install other applications. (No special instructions required.)

If you need any help regarding installation just comment below and ask any question you want to know. Thanks

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