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Solar Powered Umbrella

A lot more than 3 million Muslims from around the globe will advance toward the holy city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, this Sept. They'll go by transportation, via plane, and many will be by walking under the blasting sun as they make the yearly Hajj journey.

Saudi Arabia's service of well being encourages travelers to utilize an umbrella, that can safeguard them from outrageous sunlight presentation. However, a Saudi-Palestinian organization called Knowledge-Base has made an umbrella that can do as such significantly more.

Called "Kafya", the "smart" umbrella will gather those effective light beams and alter over them into power through sunlight Solar Panels  linked at the best. That electricity, which is put away in the handle, can be utilized to control the inherent spotlight/Flash light, Light weight Fan, and GPS framework to permit families to discover each other. It can likewise be utilized to charge telephones and tablets by means of 3 USB ports installed at the base of the handle.


  • Solar Powered Fan
  • Solar Powered Flashlight
  • Solar Powered Navigation System

Their item will prove to be useful throughout the next 10 years while, as every one investigation, the Hajj seasons will fall between June and September. Amongst those months, temperatures in the territory can achieve very high in the hundreds, and instances of warmth weariness and sunstroke must be on the ascent. There have been more than a 1000|a thousands  instances of warmth weariness announced amid the 2015 journey, in conjunction with approximately 700 instances of sunstroke and more than 1, 700 instances of other Hot temperature related issues.

Project Future

Dandis and her business accomplice, a Saudi Arabian researcher named Kamel Badaw, are right now making models of their umbrella. They revealed to Reuters news agency  that they are taking a shot at getting their development qualified and discovering financial specialists previously they can commence promoting it.

Creator Name: Manal Dandis 

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