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        New Technology Innovations of 2016-2017

Have you ever watched sci-fi movies before? Like Back to the Future where a hover board was used. After many years of inventing and tinkering, the hoverboard became real and was released to the public in 2014 by a company. It became the hot topic of the year – it was introduced and sold to the public market. 

Some use it for fun, for extreme sports and just for simple travelling.
3D printing? Yes, it was one of the talks these past few years, where you could design whatever you want and 3D print it. 

You could build something from your mind, which prompted a group of people to use it also for medical science. Movable prosthetics, not just those plain old prosthetics. In Russia, they even built a house using 3D printed parts within 24 hours. 

How cool is that?Science is so great and powerful that things from our mind’s imagination could be turned into real things. We’re now in the year of innovation, where different inventions come out and help us in our daily lives. 
However, for some, these inventions are “just a waste of time”. There are inventions that didn’t make it to the market, but hey, their inventors didn’t stop.

Some of these inventions could be found on YouTube, where they show off their product and the probability of it being on the market. 
Some are also showed in science channels – in which they discuss the use and possible benefit from using such kinds of inventions.

The real question here now is, “Are you going to buy one if they were out on the market?” You’d probably say no or just shrug your shoulders. 

Before shutting these inventions out, you should probably give them a chance? We have several products that could be in the market in just a few months. 

To name some, we have the Gecko Switch, the goTenna Mesh, and Evo. They’re actually one of a kind inventions which, in time, can help us.

Gecko Switch:
                                     Everyone has this struggle – especially when turning the light’s switch on or off. You were on a long trip and wanted to sleep immediately, but you forgot to turn the lights off.
You have to get up again and turn it off. After some time, you need to get up in the middle of the night and drink some water.

You’ll have to struggle your way to the switch. Not good, huh? Now, you’re in your kitchen, the switch is at the back of your refrigerator and you can’t reach it.

No, you don’t need to call your electrician and have your electric wires be setup again. And no, you don’t need to have your furniture rearranged just because of the switches.

The Gecko Switch gives you ease in turning your lights on or off.
This device doesn’t run through a Wi-Fi. You just need to replace the existing switch with a base switch and voila! You could now turn your switches with the Gecko Switch.
You can put it wherever you want – the perfect spot besides your bed or just below your knees where your toddler could reach it.
It also comes with different decals – which you can use to identify which gecko switch you’re currently using. It’s a hassle-free way!

Website: Gecko Switch

goTenna Mesh:
                                       It is summer and you’ve gone on a trip. On your trip, you found a beautiful view.

You wanted to share the feeling and the sight to your friends but your phone says, “No Service”. goTenna Mesh lets you use your phone even without reception or Wi-Fi. How? When turned on, it creates its own radio signal that enables your phone to send and receive messages from your friends using a simple app – even if you’re on a long distance.

People with this device will be part of the mesh and act as a gateway. More people with this device means larger coverage! A trip with your friends could never go wrong anymore and you can explore more!

Website: goTenna

             Ever had a hard time finding your phone? Or you’re out of town and you think you’re lost? Having a presentation and you’d like to change slides without going to and from your laptop? Worry no more! You could use Evo to send out an emergency message to people you know, find your phone with an alarm or just turn your phone’s music volume up or down.

Evo is an all-in-one device partner for your phone. It has different features such as - it can act as your phone’s backup battery; it can also act as a remote – for your camera and other apps; it can also hold additional memory for your phone – more music and photos; a Bluetooth tracker – a perfect way to finding your misplaced phone; it can also be used as a wall charger or by using its built-in USB connector, you can simply plug it to your laptop and charge your phone; and it has its own built-in stand which you can use when watching movies or  playing games.

It comes with a custom app which is paired with your device. It’s one device that does it all!

I Lock It:
                        It is summer time or just your free time and you wanted to go out and ride a bike somewhere relaxing. Wait! You don’t need to carry all your padlocks and keys with those heavy bike chain. You could just use I Lock It.
I Lock It is an automatic smart bike lock which locks your bike if you’re away from it and automatically unlocks your bike if you’re near it. How does it do it? It is paired with your smartphone that’s why! If in any case, your smartphone ran out of battery, you could lock and unlock I Lock It with a security code.
Whenever someone tries to carry your bike or remove the I Lock It from your bike, it gives out an alarm that should scare the thief and it also sends you a notification that someone’s trying to steal your bike.
Now, you don’t need to worry about your bike being stolen by someone. This is how biking should be - fun and worry less!
Website:  ILOCKIT

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