Top 5 World Richest People 2017

                             2017  Top 5 World's Richest Billionaires 

Hi Folks. Today i will show you list of   Top 5 richest People in the world. Before i Show you list i want to tell you something. These Billionaires get what they deserve. Because without hard work no one can achieve goals.

If we are thinking they are lucky because their families supported  them to achieve big Platform to show their talent then we are totally wrong. We all get failures in life that doesn't mean we should stop working and stop doing things in which we failed.

So we all can get success if we stop blaming others.  Some of us say that i didn't get opportunities  otherwise i can also achieve what i want.

Hahahaa so you are thinking!!!! you will get opportunity placed on your plate and waiter will say sir please take it... :P. This is not a way we will achieve goals. We should TRY again,again and again until we will reach at that point which we were trying for.

Few of these billionaires also get kicked out of university because failures. But these billionaires know they are better in which fields.

They worked hard in that field and get these high ranks. At last Money is not only thing for which we live for. We know why we are on earth Not only for money. Don't depend on luck otherwise you will never achieve your goals and ambitions . So this discussion is long and i am stopping it right here.

Here we go, Top 5 World richest billionaires of World Year 2017.

1. Name: Bill Gates
    Company: Microsoft
    Worth: $:75 billion

2. Name: Amancio Ortega
    Company: Zara

    Worth: $:67 billion

3. Name: Warren Buffett

    Company: Berkshire Hathaway

     Worth: $:60.8 billion

4. Name: Carlos Slim Helu

    Company: Telecom

    Worth: $:50 Billion

5. Name: Jeff Bezos
    Company: Amazon

    Worth: 45.2 Billion

These are top 5 Billionaires But i want to show u one more Because he  Jumped from 16 number to 6 number  in short time. I think he is most know person because maximum of us using his social networking services. He have Top social networking websites and many other projects like Free Internet etc.
6, Name: Mark Zuckerberg

    Company: Facebook

    Worth: $:44.6 billion

 So these are all Top 5 Richest Billionaires .

Thanks for reading this article.

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