Slow PC Startup Fix [Windows]

                           Slow PC Startup Fix [Windows]

Hi, today i will show you how to Speed up your Computer (PC) at start up of Windows. Every one is not Computer Scientist so all PC Users need to know why their computer Hang on startup or Slow.
After few months or years many application installed by user  make PC slow and Lag.

Also Install Antivirus Programs to make your PC clean and Safe because Malware and Virus also effect PC performance.

Important Point:

1. When ever installing some applications don't click on statements like these,
    a.Start when Windows Start up.
    b.Choose this program as Startup of Windows.
    c.Make it your Default Start up Program.
    ETC ETC ETC (many software's use different statements.These lines are just for examples)

Q.Why don't setup these applications as start up?
Ans: ON Loading Operating System many services and applications starts. So there is Load on CPU. So if you Put more application on Startup there will be more lag and Heavy Load on CPU. So Remove Programs from Startup.

Warning: Don't try top disable/remove Operating System (Windows) Default applications.

For Windows 7 use these steps:

1. Press Start Menu button then type "RUN" and press Enter.
2. In Run window,  type "msconfig" then press Enter.
3. Uncheck  items which you don't want to launch on startup.
4. When you done Click OK.
5. Click "Restart" button to restart your computer.

For Windows  8 and Windows 10:

1. Press these three Buttons at same time to open task manager.
    (Ctrl,Alt,Delete) follow order of written.
2. Click on "Startup" in tab menu.
3. Click on application you don't want to launch at startup.
4. Click on Disable button. (and enable button to enable)
5. Restart to take changes effect.

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