iTunes Computer Application [ Mac - Windows ]


Post Main Points:
  • What is iTunes and it is use for which purpose?
  • Platforms on which iTunes can run.
  • Features of this App.
  • System Requirements.

History: SoundJam MP developed in 1998. Renamed by APPLE as iTunes

    Now we will see What is iTunes and  it's use?

iTunes is an application. It is like media player, online radio broadcaster, media library and mobile device management app. It is awesome way to organize movies, music ,TV Shows. You can synchronize it with iPhone, iPod, iPad to manage your Library and Smartphones. So you should download once at least to check how much useful it is. It also have Gift Cards and iTunes Store.

  • Services/Features of iTunes:

1. Music
2. It support's many Audio formats like  MP3 , AIF, WAV , Apple Lossless (.m4a) etc.
3. Site Meta data
4. Genius
5. Library Sharing
6. Library Viewing
7. Playlists
8. Printing
9. Sound Processing
10. Video (formats mp4, mov, m4v)
11. Movies
12. TV Shows
13. Podcasts
14. Books
15. Apps
16. iTunes U
17. iTunes Store
18. iTunes Match
19. Internet Radio
20. iTunes Radio
21. iPhone Activation
22. Pings

  • Platforms on which iTunes can run :
  1. MAC
  2. Windows PC.
  • System Requirements:
  1. Windows:
           Intel Core 2 Duo Processor  2.0 GHz
           Ram: 1 gb
           Video Card Memory: 64 mb
           Internet Connection : Yes
           Windows: 7,8,10

     2. MAC:
            Hardware same as Windows Hardware
            Only SuperDrive For Back Library needed.
            Software: OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion or Latest
            400 MB Disk Available

Download Link of iTunes: iTunes (Official Website)

For detailed info about iTunes use Google and iTunes Website.

Thanks for Reading this Article.

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