How to Install Anti Malware - Remove Malware - [Windows PC]

             How to Install Anti Malware and Remove Malware (Virus) from PC [Windows]


                  Hi , Today i will show you how to install Anti Malware and Remove malware from Windows.

We have sometimes problem that our PC becomes slow and laggy. This maybe due to malware's which are installed when we download other things from internet.

 It can also came through USB, DVD's etc. Many Pop up's also make our PC annoying.

Reason of these Pop ups are Malware. We don't know sometime many malware programs (virus programs) are running back in PC.
So i will show you now how to resolve this Problem.

Follow these Steps and get your Problems resolved.

  1. Run your PC in Safe Mode: 
           Run your Computer in Safe mode. This step will help in removing maximum viruses and malware. How to Enter in Safe Mode,see this Guide: Run Safe Mode
          2. Delete Temporary Files (Disk Cleanup):
               Before Scanning with Malware from PC run Disk Cleanup Utility. It will help in Speed up scanning process and cleaning some malware files.

          3. Download Malware Scanner:
              Now in this step download Anti Malware software from Internet.
              Download Link: Malware Bytes or Bit Defender
           4. Install Malware Scanner Software:
                Now install downloaded software and install it.
           5. Run Installed Software:
                Now after installing. Open this software and Click Scan Now Button. It will start scanning  and show result after few minutes ( may take hour ). At last step when results are shown click Remove Selected button. Now  99% malware will remove from PC.
    Malware Bytes

    I will suggest you install only one antivirus at a time because it will not make your computer Slow.

    Thanks for reading this Article.

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