Error Missing dll files | Solved

        Fix this Error Missing dll files

Missing dll files is a simple error. So don't take tension. Just follow my instruction and your error will fix....

Error Statement: "The program can't start because ******.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

(****** can be vary but in my case it is d3dx9_34.dll maybe change in your case but Steps to solve this error is same.)

Do it Step by Step.....

Step 1: Note and Write dll file name which is missing from your Computer.
                                            ( For Example in this case  it is d3dx9_34.dll )

Step 1: Open this website Dll-Files .

Step 2: Write that dll file name in search box which you noted before and click "Search DLL file" button.
             ( For my case "d3dx9_34.dll" )

Step 4: After searching, website will show your result .Now click on  dll file you want to install. It will open new window. Go down and see there are two files. One 32-bit file and Second is 64-bit file . Download one file which is compatible to your operating system.

             For 32-bit operating system download 32-bit file.
             For 64-bit operating system download 64-bit file.
               (In my case i downloaded 64-bit)

Step 5: Download file and extract it anywhere you want.You will get file with extension .dll. If you downloaded 32-bit file then Place this .dll file in "C:\Windows\System32"directory.
If you downloaded 64-bit file then place dll file in "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" directory.
  (In my case i put in SysWOW64 folder)

Step 6: Just restart your Computer and open application you want to load.
Hopefully, Now Error " Missing Dll Files" is Fixed. 

If your error still not Fixed, Buy Premium Dll file Fixer it will Auto Fix your Dll Files.(but first try these steps)

Thanks for reading  this article.

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