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                               Fix Error "0xc000007b"

Error "0xc000007b" occurs when we run/load  applications. Most of Gamer's have this problem when they update win 7,8 to win 10.

Error Statement: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).Click OK to close the application."

Origin of Error: 32-bit Applications loads on 64-bit dll files. This error start due to install, reinstall or updating from one version to another version of Windows. You don't have to reinstall windows again to solve this problem because there are many ways.

Now try these Solutions given below to Fix this Error.(For Gamers and other Users first try  solution 1,2. It will work for 90% Users)

Reason: 1.This error cause mainly due to 32-bit application loads  64-bit dll files.
Solution: Download this DX_patch.exe and Install it. 
Download Link:  DX_patch.exe

Reason: 2. New Windows have to install latest .Net framework. so wait for windows updates or manually install  by downloading from Microsoft Website.
Download Link: .NET Framework
(Click on .net framework only button )

Reason: 3. Maybe your Files are corrupted or virus interfering your program
Solution: Reinstall your Program(but mostly this error do not arise due to this problem)

Reason: 4. Some applications require restart after installation.
Solution: Restart your Computer.

Reason: 5. Sometime application require Windows update to fix its problems like graphic card driver, .NET framework,Visual C++ installation etc.
Solution: Run Windows Update. Which can be found in Control Panel of Computer.

Reason: 6. Microsoft Visual C++ not found
Solution: Install Microsoft Visual C++ from Microsoft Visual C++
or you can also download it from windows update.

Reason: 7 Sometime Hard Disk problem.
Solution: Open "run" from Start Menu>>> Then type "cmd" press ENTER
New Window Will appear Like Black Screen 
Write : "chkdsk c: /f /r" if you have more drives then change parameter "c" with your drive letter.
If your primary windows disk is c: it will ask to schedule it for next boot.So when PC restart it will check disk  before entering into Login Account Windows.

Reason 8: Some dll files needs to be change.
Solution: This solution for only 64-bit version system. Replace your files in Windows\system32 and Windows\SysWOW64directory.  First reboot in safe mode. Then download this file and extract it anywhere you want. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and paste  all system32 files and replace old files. Again do same work go to C;\Windows\SysWOW64 and paste all syswow64 files and replace old ones.

After pasting files and replacing old ones Reboot your PC in Normal Mode.
Download Link:Common_Dll

IF all methods written above not worked then reinstall your windows in Clean install mode ....
If your problem is solved comment which method worked for you. 
Thanks for Reading this Article.

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