How to Remove Picture Background - Online Method - Step By Step

           Online Method to Remove Background of a Picture  

Background Remover

Removing  background of a picture was not easy. But now online tools are ready in internet market to do your work like auto pilot work.

So now don't worry about removing background from pictures. Now many of you are thinking that online tools are slow , My answer is Big NO because i will tell you a website which is running on fast server and Loading time is few seconds. 

Main Feature of this website is this you can remove any background with just two buttons  Green and Red.

Okay now time to start work, Follow steps given Below:

1. Firs open this website. Link : Background Burner .Then make free account with email and login to your account. You can also make account with Facebook or Google.

2. Now click on Choose Photo button. Choose file from your computer and Click Open. You can also drag image.

3.Now your Picture will open in Website with Drawing tool bar at top of Screen.

4.By default Green button is selected . You can also change to red button.
  Now i will tell you what is function of Green and Red button.
    Green + button : It is use to keep the area you don't want to remove
    Red - button: It is use to remove area that you want to delete from Picture.

     Use these buttons to remove background.

Note: Don't merge green and red color. Keep small distance between them. Algorithms will decide boundary of object which should be in or out.

 5. When you done your work Click on Finish Button.

6. After that Download this Picture with removed background.

Thanks for Reading this Article.

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